"Da Capo al Fine"
by Longina Poterek - Krenz
green heads 1. Green Heads
blue stockings 2. Blue Stockings
talking 3. Talking
in love 4. In love
lust 5. Lust
passion 6. Passion
impregnation 7. Impregnation
awaiting 8. Awaiting
grand explosion 9. Grand Explosion
The exhibition of 9 „sheets“ with application images of 9 stages of female life. From the young and naive „Green Heads“, through being „In Love“ up to the most important moment in a woman´s life – the „Great Explosion“. It is a story of a process of a girl getting mature, becoming a woman. Nine stages, like nine months of a pregnancy - a period of becoming naturally mature, when a woman explores herself and realises who she really is.

It was made on puropse – to show this story on real “sheets” – very intimate pieces of textile, that everybody has in his own bed. The relation between intimate, personal objects, life–stages of a woman and common feelings, shared emotions, gives a melange in which many women can find their own stories.

Incurably Alive Incurably Alive Incurably Alive
"Da Capo al Fine" Exhibition

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