transmediale.06 Rahmenprogramm

Mai Yamashita (JP) + Naoto Kobayashi (JP)

Mittwoch, 01. Februar 2006 um 14 Uhr
"Pierced People"
(collaborative project live)
Dauer der Aktion 14.00-15.00 Uhr

Mittwoch, 01. Februar 2006 um 20 Uhr
"When I wish upon a star"
Dauer der Ausstellung 01.02. - 08.02.2006
Pierced People

Nowadays a lot of people have their ears pierced. But the holes are usually only used for putting in accessories, "Pierced Earrings". The artists plan to realize a collaborative project with the pieced people. They would like a group of pierced people to be connected by a huge piercing ring - a thin chain to be exact. Putting a metal string through their piecing holes is not painful to them at all. However, once they have been connected by the ring, they will not be able to move easily and will have to take care of each other. If one person suddenly moved or fell all others would be damaged. In addition, Yamashita and Kobayashi will ask them to walk around the city slowly and carefully. They are sure a wonderul harmony will develop among the people.
>>> Participation wanted!
If you have pierced holes, send mail to in advance!
Come to the Zero Gallery at 13.30 and join the action!

When I wish upon a star

:::contents of wishes:::

I wish to become a great artist...I wish not to worry about money...I wish to be a better mixer...I wish to be young forever.I wish to have a sudden death.I wish to produce masterpieces...

In "When I wish upon a star" the artists prolonged a videotaped image of a real shooting star, whose duration is originally less than a second, into about two minutes in order to make it long enough for all of Yamashita's wishes upon the shooting star. For example: I wish to become a great artist...I wish to have a sudden death...I wish to speak German fluently...Presenting this obviously childish act of tampering, they try to redraw the shape of human desires.

transmediale.06 honourable mention

Mai Yamashita (JP) + Naoto Kobayashi (JP)
The Japanese artist duo Mai Yamashita, born in 1976, and Naoto Kobayashi, born in 1974, work in the fields of performance and video art. They always try to establish a direct relationship to the real world, especially nature. Ever since they had met in the art club of high school in Japan, they have been working together. Both of them studied at MFA Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. Selected group exhibitions: Philip Morris K.K. Art Award 2002 "The First Move", Tokyo International Forum / Japan; 2004, The World is Mine, Hiromi Yoshii Five, Tokyo / Japan; 2005, EMERGENCY 2, Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth / UK; 2006, ARS 06, KIASMA Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki / Finland.